Nam Ou Elephant Farm
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Kham Mun

Kham Mum joined us this year in 2014. She arrived from a logging Camp here in LAOS Skin and bones and covered head to toe in open wounds. It was an emotional day when she arrived to the Farm, Watching her Eating and taking her first Swim for a very long time was just a pleasure to be part of and share with her. It took only a short time to watch what seemed to be a huge deep breathe from Kham Mun and She just relaxed and settled into life here. With the help of the expert vets from Le Elefant Asia The Farm Manager and Mahouts helped bring Kham Mum back to the Giant Beautiful Elephant she was and is.

She is a lot bigger than our other Elephants and we had to raise the sign over our Elephant Farm as our guests would have to limbo out of the Farm while enjoying the company of Kham Mum.

A real gentle Giant of Calm serene beauty.

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